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Dense Concrete


WDL Dense Paint Concrete Blocks are manufactured on fully automated plants offering a high degree of consistent output and quality. We are a quality led company and have gained respect and recognition by specifiers, builders and builders merchants alike. Our ability to continually produce to a high standard of quality has enabled the company to establish a strong presence in the masonry market. Our blocks are manufactured and tested in accordance to BS EN 771-3. Rigorous inspection on and testing procedures are carried out on a daily basis, the blocks are also independently tested. Test certificates are available upon request.

Only carefully selected natural aggregates along with Portland cement are used in the production. The blocks are manufactured in solid and hollow form, being robust and of a high density they offer an excellent key for plastering.

They are also suitable for, filling, weatherboarding or other forms of surface cladding. Due to its high density, higher strengths can be achieved and excellent properties are offered for sound insulation, and fixing. Also concrete is an excellent fire resistant material, making WDL Concrete Blocks non-combustible and conforming to class 0 rating.

The performance make our blocks eminently suitable above and below dpc, in between floor beams and load bearing conditions. Our 140mm/215mm hollow blocks contain two cavities, splitter blocks and are incorporated rated into the packs, which enables the ease of cutting. Consideration should be given be given to hollow blocks when units are needed to be below 20KG. Our hollow blocks have similar qualities when compared to our solid blocks, the use of hollow blocks enables services to be concealed within the walling without the need to cut chases. High levels of insulation can be achieved when used in conjunction with secondary insulation. Blocks are available with face sizes of 440mm x 215mm with a range of thickness.

*In regards to our production weights, they are a typical average as due to seasonal and geographical variations they may vary.

Suitable Applications

  • Outer & inner leaves of cavity walls
  • Block & beam flooring
  • Partition walls
  • Earth retaining & sound absorption purposes
  • High strength walling
  • Above or below ground conditions
  • Reinforced walls
  • Column encasement
  • Where adverse ground conditions are met. Sulphate resisting blocks are available.


Dense Concrete Factsheet

Block types

Solid Block

Blocks which contain no formed voids.

Cellular Block

Blocks which contain one or more formed voids which do not fully penerate the block.

Hollow Block

Blocks which contain one or more formed voids which fully penetrate the block.