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WDL’s dense coursing concrete blocks are designed to be used for all types of construction above and below dpc level, general coursing work, infilling small areas such as lintel height, window/doors or in conjuction with our aggregate blocks. The use of these bricks / blocks will be in compliance with building regulations and will avoid cold bridging and pattern staining.

The bricks are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 771-3. Only selected aggregates, Portland cement and water are used in the production. The bricks are sold in solid form banded to pallets ready for fork lift off loading or mechanical off load.

These coursing units are also available in medium density and pumice.

*In regards to our production weights, they are a typical average as due to seasonal and geographical variations they may vary.

Block Specification

  • Average compressive strength (N/mm2) – 7.3 (N/mm2)
  • Water absorption – Approx 6.8%
  • Dry shrinkage (%) – Less than 0.04%
  • Thermal Conductivity W/Mk@3%m.c. – 1.3
  • Thermal resistance (M2k/W) @3%m.c. – 0.08
  • Average Density Kg/m2 – 2000
  • Colour – Natural Grey

Block types

Solid Block

Blocks which contain no formed voids.

Cellular Block

Blocks which contain one or more formed voids which do not fully penerate the block.

Hollow Block

Blocks which contain one or more formed voids which fully penetrate the block.