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Satisfying all your concrete needs

Dense Concrete Blocks

WDL Dense Concrete Blocks are manufactured on fully automated plants offering a high degree of consistent output and quality.

Dense Paint Grade Blocks

The materials used in the manufacture of our paint grade blocks enables a close textured finish to be obtained. The high density of WDL blocks give them excellent sound properties.

Medium Density Blocks

WDL Medium Density Blocks are manufactured to BS EN771-3. They are a functional block and are manufactured in two finishes, standard and paint grade.

Pumice Insulation Blocks

The pumice aggregate is the waste of volcanic ash, which is inert and therefore will not react physically on chemically to outside force.

Coursing Blocks

The use of these bricks / blocks will be in compliance with building regulations and will avoid cold bridging and pattern staining.

Dense Aggregate Midi Concrete Blocks

With a block weight of approximately 17kg it recognises the increasing requirements of reducing individual units to less than 20kg.

Rockface Blocks

WDL Rockface blocks are manufactured with selected natural limestone aggregates and portland cement.